What is the biggest enemy that can attack people, especially young people? I am sure some of you have known the answer. Yup, the answer is drug or alcohol. It is true that drug or alcohol is two things that can destroy people’s future. Can you imagine how many people will lose their bright future

Tofu and Soy

Wow, lots of feedback on my soy blog last week in which I said we should avoid tofu and there were lots of good questions and comments. Obviously this is an explosive topic; much more so than I had expected, truth be told. This has lead me to try to clarify a few things this

Warrior Diet Review

Using the critically acclaimed Warrior diet, you’ll be able to lose weight, have more energy and lose stubborn belly fat. The warrior diet is an action based plan that focuses on historical evidence and survival science. You will be able to detox your body by pushing yourself to your physical limits while maintaining a balanced

What Would Energy Sustainability Look Like

The word sustainability is used by many people today. Many companies and individuals are promoting a ‘green’ future and even governments are now tackling the energy equation, from production through to consumption. Some are even developing new policies based on sustainable strategies. This past week the German Ministry of Environment, for example, indicated that it