How to Remove Ingrown Pubic Hair

Ingrown pubic hairs aren’t medically dangerous and don’t usually cause infections or health problems, according to, but they can be painful, not to mention unsightly. They can occur all over the body, anywhere you shave or wax. The downside to ingrown hairs in the pubic area is that clothing can rub them and increase

White Spots on Skin

Appearance of white patches on skin have become a serious skin problem. In most of the cases these occurs due to the loss of pigmentation in skin. There are many skin conditions or pigmentation disorders which causes skin spots. Normally majority of the people get these white skin spots on any on one or more

Sinusitis Treatments

For several years a lot of people continue to be searching means to relieve one’s own sinus worries. Prior to advanced treatments such treatments used prevalent ingredients acquired just within the household. Whereas these days we can easily use advanced medicine and science to obtain the solutions in order to alleviate sinusitis. Nevertheless much of

Dental Radiography

One only has to view a skull to realise how much of the teeth and jaws is hidden from view. What shows inside the mouth is only the tip of the iceberg. The magic of X-rays is able to unlock the hidden area and show clearly what lies out of normal sight. It is little


The joint, in anatomy, an articulation or connection between bones. Many of the immovable joints are so close in their union that the two bones practically become one, as in the dovetailed sutures of the skull. In the make-up of a movable joint there are the two bones, and covering the surface of each a

Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene refers to the care of the teeth and other mouth tissues to keep them healthy and free of disease. These other mouth tissues are the gingivae, or gums, and the periodontium, the tissue that immediately surrounds each tooth and attaches it to the gums and the underlying bone. The teeth, gums, and periodontium

Common Cold

The common cold is any of a group of highly communicable diseases of the upper respiratory passages characterized by excessive secretions from the nasal membranes. Colds are the most common of all human illnesses. Most people in the United States have from one to three colds a year. Most colds are not severe and produce

Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the treatment by surgery of diseased tissues of the mouth and jaws (e.g. the removal of benign tumours and cysts in the mouth), the correction of defor­mities and abnormalities, and the repair of fractures in the region. Most malignant tumours are removed by general surgeons, as they often extend beyond

Alcoholism Causes and Treatment

Alcoholism is dependence on alcohol. Dependence exists when alcohol is taken in sufficient amounts to interfere with physical health, psychological function or social relationships. Two patterns of alcoholism exist: ‘addictive alcoholism’ and ‘nonaddictive alcoholism’. Nonaddictive use of alcohol can be stopped at will, whereas addictive use of alcohol continues even when the user experiences effects