The perfect python habitat

When it comes to humans and their likes and dislikes, one may get a little confused at why people pick certain things, like mountain biking (in the desert), swimming in the ocean (with sharks), etc. All such bizarre acts are courageous to those who are doing them, while for others like me, who have their

Eminem Beautiful Lyrics

Music is considered to be the savior of souls, as the most common belief goes. From religions to practices to cultures, people have always had a liking to music, no matter what genre you talk about. People do have preferences when it comes to choosing the right type of music for the right mood, and

How did we do

This month’s groceries, personal care items, and cleaning supplies cost a grand total of $233.52, which is $91.48 under my monthly budget of $325. It was a 5-week month, so perhaps that accounts for the slightly higher spending, but it will all even out in the end. I’m not very good about tracking my savings,

Warrior Diet Review

Using the critically acclaimed Warrior diet, you’ll be able to lose weight, have more energy and lose stubborn belly fat. The warrior diet is an action based plan that focuses on historical evidence and survival science. You will be able to detox your body by pushing yourself to your physical limits while maintaining a balanced