Reviews of Bee Propolis: Benefits and Side Effects

One of the biggest Bee Propolis Benefits is the fact that it is a natural product and is usually the right choice for those who want to avail benefits using natural means. Although there are many benefits associated with propolis, you must watch out for any possible side effect and respond to them immediately.


A nice benefit of using bee propolis is that it can help to heal second degree burns faster than compounds that contain silver sulfadiazene which is used for the same purpose. The product also has very good anti-inflammatory properties apart from its ability to serve as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent.

Another important benefit is that the wide variety of natural compounds present in it has proved to be useful in various therapies. Bee Propolis Benefits people suffering from cancer by helping to kill the cells affected by any form of cancer in the human body. Diabetic people also benefit as it helps to heal their wounds fast. When a bee propolis ointment is applied on the wound, the wound contraction improved significantly.

Among the major benefits, the advantage of bee propolis to the immune system cannot be underestimated. It helps to enhance your immunity system and reduce the possibility of your contracting illnesses as much as possible. Thus, it helps in increasing your longevity. A common problem with poor immune system is the degeneration of cells. The propolis promotes automatic and active regeneration of cells.

Some other serious problems that can be cured by various health benefits are herpes and dental problems like gingivitis, periodontal disease and ulcers in the mouth and other parts of the human body. The propolis can also affect the liver positively by protecting it from the damages that can be caused due to alcohol. In addition to providing remedies for these problems, it can also bring relief to bowel issues such as ulceration colitis and Chron’s disease. You can also use it as a natural treatment for ear problems such as recurrent otitis media in children.

Bee propolis has also been found to be effective against MRSA. This is a kind of bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics available today. Because of this, it is widely used in hospitals.

If you are looking for a natural pain killer, then propolis is your right choice. It is known to possess anesthetic properties which can help in bring you relief from pain if you suffer from it.

The propolis can be used to cure various problems in your pets as well. Some of these problems include diarrhea, eimeria, mastitis, and coccidiosis. It can also be given to underweight pets to help them achieve the required weight gain. Just about 5ml can produce the desired result.

Although there are various advantages when you use the natural product, you must not overdo the usage. Using it only when it is recommended or actually needed can provide you with the maximum benefits.

Side Effects

Bee glue or Bee Propolis is a brownish substance that is sticky in nature. This has many medicinal properties and can provide many benefits. However, you must check out all possible pros and cons associated with the bee glue before you use it. This can help you avoid facing some possible side effects. Looking up reviews can be of great assistance in this regard.

Extended use of propolis can cause you to develop allergies. This is why it should not be applied around the eyes. Some other side effects include rashes, itchy or cracking skin, mouth sores and eczema.

Breathing difficulty is another common side effect associated with this product. If you find yourself experiencing this, discontinue the usage immediately. Formation of hives on your skin is another possible problem that you may face if your body reacts adversely to bee glue. Some of you may also experience tonsillectomy.

Often, the people who suffer from the side effects are those who are allergic to bee stings and also honey. These people should avoid having bee glue to prevent unwanted problems. However, if you accidentally have this product, and notice any adverse side effect, do not hesitate in seeking medical assistance at once.


Because of the rich source of antioxidants, some people have found their skin complexion to have improved greatly when they use bee glue. Instances of people getting their wounds healed because of the antibiotic properties in Bee Propolis have also been reported. People with various problems or physical disorders have found relief with the use of bee glue.  Thus, this product is believed to have immense medicinal properties.

If bee glue is had at the early stages when cancer is suspected, it can help to prevent it and free you from this deadly disease. People fighting cancer have also reported to found the intake of bee glue to be beneficial. Other reviews that people have stated regarding the use of bee glue is that it helps in combating obesity using a completely natural product.

Bee glue has been given a good review rating by those who have been advised by professionals for therapeutic applications or gastro-intestinal problems. With the antibacterial properties, it has proved to be very effective in killing harmful bacteria. Similarly, people with fungal problems have found solace using this wonderful and natural product.

Taking a little bit of bee glue mixed with warm water can help you get relief from sore throat and cold in very less time. However, the effect lasts only for a short time. Bee glue is very effective on dry skin and helps the skin retain its moisture with just a little application, especially on the elbows and knees.

While some people have had intense reactions or side effects mentioned above and had to discontinue the usage, there are also people who have not had any problem at all. There are also people who have had mild problems initially but were able to get adjusted to the bee glue soon.


Before using any product, a thorough understanding about it can be greatly beneficial even if the product is 100% natural. An awareness of the side effects and reviews of Bee Propolis can help you achieve the maximum benefits from it without giving way to any form of unnecessary worry.