What are the Causes of Swollen Lips?

Have your lips swollen very badly? Have they turned out to be unreasonably fat?  Can you feel a small or medium sized bump on your lips? Well, in either case you are suffering from swollen lips. Yes! This is an ailment that can ruin your lips and even spread to your tongue. On top of that, it is also very embarrassing when you get this infection. Now, in case you’re wondering how this infection is caused, here are a list of conditions that can cause it. Take a look at the following causes of swollen lips.

What is the main cause of this infection?

Swollen lips are caused due to a series of reasons. While some of the conditions are extremely serious and can be life risking, there are also some other conditions that can be managed on their own. No matter whenever you suffer from this ailment, consult a doctor immediately for quick and viable treatment. On top of that, if you experience swollen lips with problems in breathing, the infection has to be stopped right away by a doctor. The doctor will treat you and ensure that you are free from swollen lips and that the infection is stopped from spreading. Here are the major causes of swollen lips.


This is one of the most serious cases of lip swelling. In fact, Angioderma in some cases, can even turn out to be life threatening. This infection is caused by any general allergic reaction to something that you’ve eaten. It can also happen due to an insect bite or certain allergies due to pollen. Again, if there’s some kind of medication that contains ingredients that you are allergic too, Angioderma might take place. During this infection, your face, lips and even tongue is swollen rapidly.

Physical injuries

Physical injuries, is one of the major causes of swollen lips. This injury refers to any kind of external injury caused on your face or lips. It can be caused by burning or biting of your lips. Again, when hot food hits your mouth, then too you are likely to have these physical injuries. Generally, these swellings can be controlled with a cold pack and the issues will resolve accordingly. However, if the injury is serious and involves a lot of bleeding, you might have to consider a doctor for ample treatment. The doctor will suggest some creams and ointments that will cure your issue of swollen lips, right away.


Infections can also be another major cause of swollen lips. Fungal infections, infections involving bacteria and viruses can be a major reason of swollen lips. This condition may even happen if you have sun-burnt, chapped or cracked lips. In either case, your lips will be infested by infection it will turn out to be red and sore. Now, whether you have burnt lips or an infection, consult a doctor immediately when you experience problems with your lips or the area around it. The doctors will provide you viable solutions and apt treatments thereby curing you without much hassle.