What is Facial Toner and What Does it Do?

Have you ever found yourself staring down the aisles and aisles of beauty products in the store or even online and wondered, “What is facial toner?” Does it tone your face up so you can compete in the face Olympics? Or does it change the tone of your face so you can get lighter and darker at will? Or does it do something completely different that might not even directly relate to getting toned at all? Here’s a hint: it’s the last one.

Skin Toner is not as popular as facial cleansers and moisturizers. Even less well understood usefulness to the skin. When you wiped using cotton, after the cleaning process, toner will improve by removing the remaining oil and residue. PH balance of your skin is also very dependent on the toner. So is the growth of acne. Toner usage on a regular basis can also sum ​​up the pores, as well as locking in moisture to reduce the visibility of pores.

What is Facial Toner Good For?

It is good for a number of things. The facial toner creams and topical lotions are great for saggy skin, dry skin, oily skin, old skin and just about any other problem that you might have with the skin on your face. It is also great for removing dirt and oil from your pores that other cleansing products miss.

Facial toning machines are good for giving yourself a safe, effective, non-invasive facelift. Because the machine does all the work for you, it’s great for people who don’t have time to exercise their face as well as those who need to multitask. It’s also great for people who might feel silly doing “face yoga” exercises but who still want the results that face yoga gets.

In short, facial toners are perfect for getting the best skin possible. You can live without facial toner, but if you’re using a bunch of other skin care products and are still having the same problems, it’s most likely that facial toner is the element that you are missing from your skin care routine. Adding a facial toner to your daily skin care process is the extra weapon that you need to win the war against aging skin.

What Does it Do?

What does toner do? It has a number of great benefits that are unattainable any other way unless you subject yourself to harsh chemical scrubs, facial surgery, botox injections or other unpleasant, dangerous and expensive procedures. Here’s a look at just a few things that toner does for your skin:

  • Balances your pH to a perfect 5.5, meaning your skin isn’t too acidic which can result from using facial soaps.
  • Cleans your pores of dirt and oil, clearing them out so they can breath.
  • Facial toners also tighten up these cleared pores, making your face impervious to infections and more dirt and oil clogging your pores.
  • The longer your pores are tightened up, the less oil and acne you will have.
  • Facial toner also protects your skin from harmful elements in the environment.
  • Face toners give you the healthy skin that you’ve been looking for, adding color, radiance and silky smooth complexion to your face.
  • Facial toner machines give you a non-invasive way to get a facelift.

Why more women don’t use face toning skin care products is still a mystery. Our best guess is that they had a bad experience—or heard about a bad experience—with the wrong facial toning cream. Unfortunately, this can happen if you pick a toner that works best for oily skin and you have dry skin (or vice versa). That’s why it’s so important to learn more about facial toning products before you buy.

Is it Worth the Cost?

The face toner purpose is pretty cut and clear: it cleanses your face, rejuvenates and protects it, all while making it appear and feel younger. Sounds great, right? Well, when you see the price of some of the top level facial toner products on the market, you might be skeptical at first. How can such a little dab of cream cost so much?

To put it bluntly, it costs a lot because the price of your youth isn’t cheap. Not only are the best facial toners out there made of quality ingredients, they are made of a lot of them. Your basic facial toner isn’t going to break your bank. In fact, it’ll cost you about as much as a fast food meal. But the more effective skin toners, those have a ton of extras packed into them.

From vitamins and minerals to exotic fruit and plant extracts to the highest-quality derivatives and mixtures that science can find, these skin toners are designed to produce results. Some will moisturize dry skin without making it oily, others will clear up dry skin without making it dry. Some facial toners leave you with silky smooth skin while others focus more on exfoliating and tightening your pores.

The Bottom Line

So what’s face toning? Facial toning products give you the edge that you need to tip the beauty scales in your favor. Whether you are trying to control oily, dry or combination skin, trying to firm up sagging skin or get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, skin toner pushes you further towards your goal.

No matter what your facial problem areas are, there is a skin toner out there that is right for you.