If you have woken up in the morning with feeling dehydrated and there was an odd sensation in your mouth, it is known that your uvula are probably swelling and red. If you notice your uvula swollen, don’t worry about this. Let try some thing to get rid of a it. Smoking, drink a lot of alcohol before go to bed, illness or vomiting are some cause of your swelling symptoms. Several internal similarly as external factors will cause some trouble and infection to your uvula. Sometimes it got swollen by an infection found in the throat. Because of throat functions, it can cause many problems in breathing, eating and swallowing.

Here’s a summary of some ways to get a swollen uvula. It is commonly a result of snoring while you sleep. In other people, this seems to be after a night of heavy drinking, often combined with smoking. For a few people it has been after snorting drugs and in some folks just a particularly deep sleep. Uvula swelling appears to respond well to cold drinks and ice cream. But some other ways that you can get this condition? Some other causes:

  • Consuming alcohol too much
  • Smoking alot
  • Dehydration
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Tonsillitis and other various allergies
  • Snoring when sleeping
  • Acid reflux
  • Throat get infections

Woken Up with a Swollen Uvula

If you’ve woken up with a swollen and red uvula then the first thing to do is eat lots of ice cream. Ice cream a common condition which usually resolves quickly without any medical attention, so you should calm down and see the effect that ice cream help to your throat.