Hemorrhoid Medicine

Hemorrhoids is a structure that is found in the anal canal. The basic responsibility of hemorrhoid is to control the movement of stool in the body. Stool or feces is made up of waste products that is removed from the body, to avoid poisoning of the system. This vital body structure could be corrupted and if this happens it throws the body into very bad conditions like blood in feces, constipation, and pile. Piles occurs when hemorrhoids have been infiltrated and thus becomes inflamed or swollen. In discussing the hemorrhoid medicine, the definition of hemorrhoid will be established so as to create a solid comprehensive foundation. So what is hemorrhoid, how can it be prevented, and what are the hemorrhoid medicine suitable for treatments.

Definition of hemorrhoids

There are tow types of hemorrhoids namely: the internal and external hemorrhoids. The external hemorrhoids take place at the exterior of the anal carnal. It saps the territory of the lower rectal arteries; the process is usually very painful and comes with inflammation and soreness. This type of condition is susceptible to the condition called thrombosis. Thrombosed hemorrhoid can take place when there is a tear in the vein causing the blood to congeal. Hemorrhoid medicine is a corrective method suitable for treatment of this condition. Another type of hemorrhoid is the internal hemorrhoid.

Internal hemorrhoid unlike the external condition takes place inside the rectum. They suck out the upper rectal arteries and unlike the external cases this draining process is not usually painful because it is absent of what is called receptors. When irritated it bleeds, leading to two kinds of condition: prolepses and strangulated hemorrhoids – the prolapsed condition is indicated by inflated hemorrhoid that falls out of the anus and strangulated conditions occurs if the muscles in the anus result in ripple and blocks a distended hemorrhoid externally at the entrance of the anal opening cutting off blood supply.

Signs and symptoms/causes of hemorrhoid

The conditions that indicates the present of hemorrhoids are: rectal bleeding, rectal pains, itching, blood in feces, lumps and swellings surrounding the anus region. The causes are constipation, diarrhea, exercise, diet low in fiber, prolonged straining, pregnancy, aging etc.


Hemorrhoid medicine that is used to resolve hemorrhoid defects are: conscious increase in the intake of food that contains high fibers like: fruits and vegetable. Fiber help to flush out food residues from the system, hence preventing system poisoning, which could lead to other kinds of health conditions, aside from this fact, taking in enough fiber adds to the weight of food causing free flow of feces. Water intakes other preventive hemorrhoid medicine.

Another type of medication is rubber band litigation. This is a medical procedure that involves applying elastic bands in the internal hemorrhoid, after about 6 days the band falls off. This procedure is proven to be very effective.

Another treatment is sclerotherapy. In this procedure, sclerosing injection is applied into the hemorrhoid, causing the vein to disintegrate thus shriveling the hemorrhoid

Apart from the above hemorrhoid medicine procedures there are others like hemorrhoidectomy a surgical procedure. The best solution to any health problem is prevention. Preventive methods like: eating food that contains high fibers, drinking lots of water, maintaining a regular defecation routine, and other should be strictly adhered to.